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LEZ Enterprises LLC

Connecting The World One Tower at a Time

Our Mission is to create the largest fleet of Tower installation crews across the United States.



LEZ Enterprises is a full service 5G Installation company, dedicated to installation and improvement from small to commercial structures according to client needs and desires. Founded in 2020 and based in Naples Florida, our team is ready to give your towers whatever updates are required. Just give us a call or write us a note and we’ll get back to you with a quote.


Services Provided

5G Installations

  • Mount Swaps.

  • Mount Modifications.

  • Alarm Servicing.

  • Squid/Raycap Installation. 

  • Azimuth alignment. 

  • New Radio and Antenna Installation.

  • Radio and Antenna Decommissioning. 

  • Fiber Cable Trunk Installation and Decommissioning.

  • DC Power Trunk Installation and Decommissioning.

  • Eupen Hybrid Cable Installation and Decommissioning.

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5G Installation

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